Recommendations from previous patients regarding the Laxative/Bowel Prep

  1. Once laxative is mixed, place in refrigerator to chill and/or pour over ice when ready to drink. (Refrigeration should not exceed 24 hours)
  2. Drink the laxative through a straw. This helps the laxative go down faster and it will help bypass your taste buds.
  3. If you feel the taste is unpleasant, it may be helpful to drink apple juice, tea or your favorite clear liquid. This may help with getting the prep down.
  4. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK ALL DAY! The more you drink, the better the laxative/prep will work and the better you will feel!


Tolerability Tip

1. Always keep the prep cold.

          a. Stick the box or the two 6oz. bottles in the refrigerator the night before starting the prep.

          b. Always use cold water and use ice cubes.

          c. Keep the cup full with ice always.

          d. Always put the prep back in the refrigerator, don't leave the glass of prep out!

2. Use a straw.

3. Suck on a lime, lemon or orange after each drink.

4. Take a drink of Suprep then drink a sip of ginger ale, sprite or water.

5. Put a green Jolly Rancher in the mouth then drink the prep.



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